The Change Room – Episode 1: Filters

Join me and the fabulous Suzy Jacobs on The Change Room Podcast as we have a conversation about filters.

Filters are the lens at which we look at life. Everyone’s filters are different and each of us give different meaning to them. Only you are the one that gives filters their meaning.

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • The real definitions of filters.
  • The four filters that you use – experience, beliefs, values and unconscious.
  • How our filters are developed from as early as the age of 7.
  • The process Suzy went through to find meaning in what she was feeling.
  • How what is ‘underneath’ can cause the greatest impact.
  • How your energy shifts when you speak your truth.
  • How the filter of ‘I’m not good enough’ lead Suzy to her exiting her business and the surprising positive outcomes for all involved.
  • How to identify when your filters are on and knowing you’re in control to choose a different filter to be able to speak your truth.

The Change Room Podcast

with Suzy Jacobs


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