The Change Room – Episode 8: I Create the Whole of My Own Reality

Join me and the fabulous Suzy Jacobs on The Change Room Podcast. Today in The Change Room we are having a big conversation around our new paradigm and framework – I create the whole of my own reality.

In this episode, host Suzy Jacobs and regular guest Lorna Patten explore:

  • This paradigm is one way to see the world around you, it’s not the only way.
  • Just take this framework on as if it was true, important to just not dismiss it.
  • I create and cause my own reality.
  • Life works differently and better when you choose to take on this new paradigm.
  • The old paradigm compared to this new framework.
  • Why WHOLE is the key word in this paradigm.
  • Why people push back on accepting this new framework into their lives.
  • Why we are more frightened of our success than our failures.
  • How you can still be part of the process without having all the answers.
  • 10% of what we choose is conscious, 90% of it is subconscious.
  • Look at everything as if you caused it and take responsibility for what shows up.
  • Understand you are the cause of everything, good and bad.
  • Look at how you created the situation, not why.
  • Write down 5 to 10 things you want to create/manifest this week.
  • At the end of each day, look at what happened and review how you created what showed up for you throughout the day.  Be willing to acknowledge without judgement.
  • The importance of asking for what you need.

The Change Room Podcast

with Suzy Jacobs


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