Being More By Doing Less

Being More By Doing Less

As tempting as it seems to keep doing more and more and more … you may have already discovered that doing more doesn’t necessarily deliver what you think it could, should or would or get you what you really, really, really want.

From my experience what you (and everyone else) want by doing stuff is to feel and experience something specific … and because of this desire, you think if you just do more you will get to feel and experience more of what you seek.

And it works for a bit until whatever you are doing isn’t delivering quite the same outcome, so you do more or faster or harder or better or whatever you think will get you to where you want to be feeling and experiencing.

Yet there is a far simpler and more effective way to experience whatever you seek and it has very little to do with doing and doing and doing. It is grounded in the context of who you are Being while you do whatever it is you are choosing to do.

When you first choose who you want to BE and how you want to feel you can then experience what you have chosen no matter what it is that you are doing. This then frees you to choose to do whatever you know is the most powerful choice for you in the present moment. And the more you practice choosing who you want to be before choosing what you want to do, you will experience what you choose and what you seek.

When you choose to BE and then do, you will find that much of the distraction inherent in the “doing, doing, doing” context simply stops giving you space to create and manifest who you choose to BE and what you choose to experience moment by moment.

Love Lorna

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