Where Are You Leading? A Letter To ALL Leaders

Where Are You Leading? A Letter To ALL Leaders

You just don’t get it yet … do you?

If you had any self-awareness or any real desire to be truly responsible you would realise that all your thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviours have an enormous impact and influence on what goes on around you.

No matter how you spin it or frame it – the way YOU show up is perfectly reflected in what is actually happening in your business, your political party, your family, your community and your world. So how’s it working?

When you are leading from a context of FEAR, when that is where YOU are coming from, all you do is continue to lead people further into fear. And that just breeds more fearful behaviours and consequences that you then react to with fearful controlling policies and rules which in turn breeds more fear and the game continues.

But you just don’t get it …

Because if you did, you would STOP behaving so badly and step-up and actually lead from your loving heart and your compassionate mind, instead of your fear-filled ego-centric idea of who you think you should be to protect your position.

You would remember that you came here to BE the most magnificent you that you can be whatever you do and wherever you go.

Well I will not accept that the best you can BE and DO is what’s showing up today.

I watch question time in our Australian Federal Parliament and am amazed at, and ashamed of, your behaviour. Your communication is appallingly self-serving … having very little regard for actually responding to the questions/issues that are put to you by your colleagues and your opponents – all fellow human beings.

The relentless in-fighting, name-calling and disrespect that you engage in is insidiously reflected in our society in a myriad of ways from the toxic culture of bullying we experience in our families, schools, communities, business environments and sporting arenas to the corporate greed and “I win, you lose” money-grabbing tactics displayed by people in powerful positions all over the world.

Well (to use an old political slogan) … It’s Time!

Time to remember we are all connected, we are one planet, one universe – all the same at our very heart. Time to step-up and show up and lead from LOVE.

I urge you to pay attention to what’s really going on, to open up, tell the truth, be responsible and choose to BE the change you wish to see in the world.

Love Lorna

My life is an indivisible whole, and all my activities run into one another … My life is my message.

Mahatma Gandhi

Another Change in Leadership

Another Change in Leadership

It’s time for another change in leadership. Not just in the world of politics – although we have certainly seen enough of that on a local level in the past week – but rather in how we see ourselves as leaders and how we lead. And that means you!

Irrespective of how you see yourself, you are at the very least the leader of you, and as such it’s time to step up and BE a leader, DOING what it takes to lead from love rather than fear.

The world is crying out for inspiring leaders that walk the talk and make choices and decisions based on whole truth and responsive action. It’s no longer sufficient to talk the talk of change and walk the walk of comfort. Whether in your own life, your work or your world, how you show up consistently is what makes the biggest difference. When you are firmly and consistently grounded in BEING the most loving you that you can BE, when you are willing to tell the whole truth and truly respond, your very presence inspires others to BE more open and honest and loving too. When you BE who you are, when you open up and authentically share and then do what you know you need to do guided by love and truth, everyone wins.

2010 is almost here and I believe this next decade will be defined by your Inspiring Leadership from fear to love. As the acceleration of consciousness and our creative process continues to increase rapidly, so too will the opportunities to lead yourself out of the illusion of fear and into the peace of knowing that you are love and only love is real.

Love Lorna

As we open our hearts more and more, we are moved in the directions in which we are supposed to go. Our gifts well up inside of us and extend of their own accord. We accomplish effortlessly.

Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

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