Inside Out

Inside Out

As I approach the end of another calendar year, I find myself reflecting on the year that has been and marvelling at the complexity and the simplicity both locally and globally.

There can be no doubt that this year brought a multitude of fascinating, frustrating and illuminating mirrors in the form of various world leaders and local friends and foes.

When I found myself awash in the sheer lunacy of what I was seeing and experiencing, the only relief I sought was to go within and ask myself one key question: “What would love do now?” Because any other location or any other question was not going to deliver what I sought … peace.

And that, my friends, is what I am taking away with me for my annual holiday with family. That the only true path to peace is within. There is no sustainable peace or joy or happiness on offer when I am attached to and hell bent on making my external reality meet my expectations. After many years of relentlessly going down that rabbit hole, I have discovered that if I truly want inner peace then I must go within and choose to BE at peace.

There is nothing I can control or make happen in my external world. No amount of persuasion will make someone feel what I want them to feel or do what I want them to do or be how I want them to be. And yet the divine dichotomy in the paradigm of cause is that I have created all of it and yet I control none of it.

When I remember I create the whole of my own reality with love and wisdom – always – I can relax and let go and allow myself to appreciate the complexity and the simplicity of the whole and trust that there is purpose in all of it. Then I get to choose how I want to BE in relationship to whatever is occurring and thus transform not just my internal state but also my experience of my external reality including how I experience you.

Just need to remember … I get to choose.

Love Lorna

Where Do You Tolerate “Harvey” In Your Life?

Where Do You Tolerate “Harvey” In Your Life?

The Harvey Weinstein expose currently dominating world news has triggered some of my own memories of encounters with men behaving in a sexually inappropriate or downright predatory manner in relationship to me … and my own feelings of shame for attracting such attention and “letting it happen”.

My reluctance to confront what was happening came from a belief that there was no point.
Men behaving this way was tacitly accepted as the “norm” … just stuff that men did for fun or to prove themselves to other men … ”boys will be boys” and all that. Just something I had to avoid or tolerate as a woman.

So I quickly learned to avoid and when that didn’t work, to tolerate and move on. Yet what lingered was a niggling feeling that although I was not to blame, it was about me.

With the insight and power of the paradigm I Create the Whole Of My Own Reality, I can see that I was (and am) responsible. And rather than respond by speaking up, I chose to react by shutting up. I shut up because I felt to blame, I felt wrong and I felt ashamed … so I shutdown.

By not speaking up, by not calling those men to account for behaving in ways that went from not acceptable to downright illegal and immoral, I was tolerating it … and them.

And that’s what’s going on right now in our fear-filled, fear-fueled world. Everywhere I look, I see people reacting out of fear and shutting up rather than responding out of love and speaking up. And all it produces is more of the same.

So I choose to open up and show up and speak up about the things that matter to me. I choose to stop tolerating the intolerable and respond from love. As for Harvey, I send him love and hope that he finds the truth he seeks so that he too can respond to himself and everyone he has impacted with and from love.

What about you?


Love Lorna

You Are Response-Able

You Are Response-Able

Responsibility has nothing to do with blame, shame, guilt or fault. All are derived from a context of fear – the fear that when you do something “wrong” it means that WHO YOU ARE is “wrong” and round you go again with the “not good enough” stuff.

If you want to get off the wheel of making yourself “wrong”, step up and BE responsible – Response-Able – for all that you experience, all that you do and all that you have.

BEING responsible from the paradigm of I Create The Whole Of My Own Reality means that whatever happens, the first place you go is within … the first thing you do is look inside and ask “How did I cause this to occur?” rather than react out of your feelings and blame something or someone outside of you. Tempting as it is, particularly when reacting strongly out of fear, remember to stop …take a breath and let yourself feel the feeling … breathe and allow and let it release. Then you have some space to remember that you are able to respond from love rather than just react out of fear. You are the cause and you can respond any way you choose.

It’s not an easy thing to do when you start … it takes practice and rigour and above all a consistent choice to remember WHO YOU ARE: powerful beyond measure and able to respond. And the more you are willing to BE responsible for all that you experience, the more you are willing to adopt the filter that you are able to respond to whatever shows up, the more you will experience yourself as cause rather than a victim of your fearful ego mind, your emotional reactions and the external world.

When you remember that fear is an illusion and only love is real, BEING responsible is the key to creating the reality you choose.

Love Lorna

Responsibility starts with the willingness to experience yourself as cause …

Werner Erhard

Arguing With Reality?

Arguing With Reality?

In the new paradigm of cause … that you create the whole of your own reality … whenever you find yourself arguing with how it is … remember this … YOU made it up!

That’s right, you did. You chose the reality you are experiencing even though you may be unaware that you chose it … choose it you did. And even though you may resist being responsible for the whole of your own reality … create it you did.

When you are willing to step-up and own the whole of your own reality as your creation, when you truly take responsibility for the whole of whatever you are experiencing, you are free to choose to create anything else you can imagine … anything you desire … anything at all.

The kicker is this: before you can create something new, you first need to fully accept and own the whole of your current reality. No matter what is happening, you can accept that ALL of your reality is yours, that you are powerful and able to respond because you are the cause. If you are not, then you have to wait for whomever or whatever caused your reality to decide to change it … and some of you are still waiting.

Arguing with how it is does not bring lasting change, happiness, contentment or peace. Pushing back on the idea that you cause ALL of it does not change anything. Real and lasting change comes from you truly embracing and being responsible for the whole –  the whole of you and your whole reality the way it is – then you can choose again!

Love Lorna
Arguing with reality is like trying to teach a cat to bark — hopeless.
Byron Katie

Rescuing Is Not Responsible

Rescuing Is Not Responsible

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