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Lorna Patten is a transformational, personal development coach who rigorously challenges you to think differently about the way things are and about how they could be. Lorna’s presence and process has been the catalyst for lasting transformation and sustainable change for thousands of people with a deep desire to know what it means to love yourself, tell the truth and be responsible and how to engage in life from a context of being at cause rather than living at effect. Having studied psychology, philosophy, communication skills, counselling, relationship dynamics, NLP, meditation, astrology and numerology, Lorna has over 40 years’ experience blending these skills in practical ways to create real results that are truly life changing.

But be warned! When you engage with Lorna, she will confront you with truths
that take you to places in your mind, heart and soul that are truly life changing.

It’s Not Called A Process For Nothing

When I began my journey of conscious self-awareness and actualisation in 1982 few people in my orbit knew anything about this extraordinary way of viewing the world.

I was excited and scared in equal measure about diving deeply into the paradigm of “I Create The Whole Of My Own Reality”.

I thought I knew what it meant, what was required and how to go about living as cause of everything I experienced.

I was excited and scared in equal measure about diving deeply into the paradigm of “I Create The Whole Of My Own Reality”.
More than thirty years down the track I have an inkling of what this paradigm really means in terms of living as source for all I am and all I do and all I experience … and I do mean ALL, everything, nothing left out, nothing rejected or discarded or abandoned … all of it.

Every. Little. Bit.

At last I appreciate the process of awakening to who I truly am … the process of BEING myself while I navigate this crazy, paradoxical, upside-down, topsy-turvy world of messy humanness. It’s a process that unfolds at the perfect rate for my growth and development, in alignment with my choice to know myself beyond my doubts and fears and feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness; to allow and accept and appreciate all of what makes me human … my ability to think and imagine and dream and fantasise and create great stories of incredible complexity to delight myself or scare myself silly … my ability to experience the physical and visceral sensations as only a human can and my ability to know and connect and go beyond the ordinary and the possible …

I am at the point in my life, where I no longer fear what others think or feel about me.

I know I am ok and I know I am lovable and valuable even though I often feel the opposite. I know that my feelings and emotions exist for a loving purpose rather than as a reason to hide for fear of being judged or ridiculed. I finally get that loving myself has nothing to do with you or me or anyone else liking what I do. Loving myself is simply necessary if I am going to live authentically and boldly as myself.

Thus far, the process of awakening has been extraordinary and challenging and delightful and sometimes, very, very hard. It’s like peeling away the layers of an artichoke … prickly and defensive on the outside … and when you persist in peeling away all the fuzzy layers of protection, there in the very centre, the sweet heart is revealed.

Lorna’s ability to understand what it is that drives human behaviour is nothing short of remarkable. She is fearless, gorgeous and the person I go to for clarity, perspective and to understand how I do create the whole of my reality. I love her – so will you.
Matt Church, Creator, Thought Leaders

When I first began to work as a counsellor and trainer, I felt scared to really open up “publicly” about my beliefs and how I worked with people. I was doing some amazing work yet I didn’t really see it. I learned and grew and became more aware of myself and what was really going on separate from the external noise.

In 1999, in partnership with a business coaching company, I began Open Up Communication and offered workshops and follow-up coaching sessions to clients who ran small businesses. I started out thinking I wanted to create an international empire and by the end of 2003 I had 3 partners and 17 trainee coaches in the mix. When I realised that running a business was not what I really wanted, I kept the name and company going and downsized to a small team of 6, then 3 … and in 2009 decided to go solo.

For over 30 years people have referred to me and my work by my first name. People ask:
“Have you met Lorna?”
“Have you done the Lorna process?”
“Have you been Lorna’d?”
and this is why …
I focus on process over outcomes and amazing outcomes occur in the process itself.

I am fierce and unwavering in my knowing that who you are is magnificent and I will do whatever it takes to have you know that too … if you let me.

I am open and honest, I say it like it is
… always sourced in love.

And it has been said, I should come with a warning label …

Lorna Patten - telling the truth that needs to be told

Lorna is a stellar coach and has you quickly connecting to your true authentic self at any moment especially in times of fear or doubt. The love just shines and you open up and glow when you work with Lorna. You will never be the same person again rather a true more enlightened you.
Tania McNaught, Coach

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