The Seed of Intuition | Lorna Patten

The Seed of Intuition

A Collection of Wishes, Stories, Poems, and Art for Personal Transformation (The Seed Series Book 4)

Contributing authors in this book:
Steph Ritz • Jenny McFadden • Louise Elliott • Glenys Brown • Pat Southern-Pearce • Lorna Patten • Agnes Barna • Roza Bann • Sorcha Fraser-Swatton • Lee Blackwell

Paperback: 188 Pages Dimensions (cm): 15.24×22.86  ISBN-10: 1960460137 ISBN-13: 978-1960460134

opened up: a body of original poems by Lorna Patten

opened up

a body of original poems

by Lorna Patten

opened up is a collection of original poems by Lorna Patten that capture her deepest emotions and reflections about relationships.

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Paperback: 71 Pages  Dimensions (cm): 15×14.8  ISBN: 1 876454 04 0

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