How Lorna Works With You

Recognised, accepted and respected as an expert in helping people create fundamental shifts internally and externally, I rigorously question the way things are, and challenge you to think differently about what’s really going on.

But be warned: when you engage me, I will confront you with breathtaking truths and take you to places in your mind, heart and soul that truly are life changing.

I offer a range of modalities and services depending on your needs and desired outcomes:


Offered to groups, teams or organisations, using different methodologies and techniques to ensure there is strong, impactful discussions that lead to a profound end result. This will allow you to access information and choices about new behaviours and actions.

Lorna has transformed our team … there is a greater commitment to taking responsibility for our actions and the culture and communication have been significantly improved. We are a more open and honest team thanks to Lorna.

Fran Avon, Executive Manager, Wesley Marketing, Fundraising & Volunteering

Typically offered to individuals, couples or small groups. The focus is on the participant’s past present and future by processing real-life issues, problems and decisions which will help you get into immediate action, while addressing barriers and support to get moving quickly. Within business, the Coaching Program aligns with the commercial or functional needs of your business, integrating and applying the new knowledge to day-to-day business relationships and activity. Group Coaching supports individuals who are part of groups with common interests, skills, or issues.

Form and frequency of sessions are delivered to suit your needs. Coaching can be conducted face to face or from remote locations.


I have been a client of Lorna’s since 2000. In that time she has been my coach, mentor, confidant, teacher and guide. Nobody I have ever worked with before can hold the space of love, truth and wisdom that Lorna does. If you are looking to be the most magnificent you can be, to unblock any of your limiting beliefs about yourself and your world, then Lorna is the person to work with. She will see the Real You and call you forth using her incredible intuition, tool kit and no-nonsense approach. She has a gift and it is called love.

Bodhi Aldridge, Coach


Mentoring provides support for growth and maturity whereby I will guide you to master a particular field that I have already mastered by imparting wisdom and sharing knowledge. The mentoring sessions provide interaction to achieve personalised learning and growth. The Mentoring Process is specifically tailored to meet the needs of individuals and solopreneurs, partnerships and micro businesses that desire to open up, change and grow. Mentoring will help you get clear about who you are, what you are here for and how to create your business/practice in alignment with your vision and values.

Lorna is unique. She is challenging. She is relentless and has an incredible insight … She is nothing short of incredible.

Andrew Bell, CEO, The Ray White Group, Surfers Paradise

I offer a variety of workshops to cater for personal or business needs, with the common theme being how to create sustainable change in your life. The workshops are guaranteed to take you to an entirely new level of awareness, consciousness and experience of self.


Lorna Patten has provided me with a very different approach to assessing my character and understanding my mind. I say this because her incredible workshop has given me the knowledge of why I think the way I do, why I react the way I do and the areas in my makeup where I could ‘take a little more’ and ‘give a little less’. An incredible mind blowing experience has Lorna provided for me.

Antoinette Colbran, Executive Director, Benchmark The Practice Pty Ltd


I offer a rigorous training program for coaches, facilitators, trainers and mentors who desire to use my models, processes and deeper distinctions in their work with their clients about how to create sustainable change in all areas of life. The training program includes access to all my collateral including workshop manuals, handouts and a training DVD.

Lorna has been one of the big influences in my life. She has shown me new ways of being and thinking that have allowed me to find so much peace in the most challenging of times. It is so rare, and has been such a relief, to find someone who is so uncompromising and yet so compassionate. If Lorna had been in my business a year or two earlier I'm sure life would have been less dramatic and much easier.

Maurice Goldberg, Founder, Maurice Goldberg Inc

My Qualifications and Experience

Through the study of psychology, philosophy and history – with a particular emphasis on understanding the nature of human being – I have been trained and mentored by an extraordinary range of teachers over the past 35 years in various techniques, modalities and therapies including holistic counselling, communication skills and group dynamics, metaphysics and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming).

My training has included four years immersion in my own personal development processes primarily led by Mahni Dugan from Future Pace Seminar Instructor Training Program and Certified NLP Practitioner Training with Dr Tad James.

I continue to invest in myself and my process so that I can BE and DO the best I can for myself and my clients.

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