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Everybody Lies

Everybody lies – that’s the truth! Having everyone tell the truth all the time is an ideal – the reality is quite different. Watch my video to hear why people lie.


Learning to control things or the notion of being in control gives us a margin of comfort – but it’s a false sense of security. Are you willing to let go of your need to control out of your fear and surrender to the divine in you, of you and around you?


Procrastination is really powerful when used wisely! If you want more peace, balance and harmony in your life then watch my video and procrastinate worrying.

Yes or No

Make sure you watch my video to learn why one of my favourite sayings is, “If it’s not 100% ‘yes’ then it’s a ‘no'”.

Gathering Evidence

Whatever you believe is what you will experience as reality. Do you walk around gathering evidence to support your beliefs?

Mind Your Head

Mindfulness is about the whole and being aware of the all without being attached to any particular point in the all. There are so many ways to interpret mindfulness, so don’t miss my video on this fabulous concept!

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