You’re Not Ready

Wanting to be ready to change is not the same as being ready. Watch my video and you might realise that “you’re not ready until you’re ready!”

Understanding Understanding

There is so much we want to understand however if you want to understand something or someone then you have to fully experience it first. Watch my video … and then you’ll understand!

Spiritual Vagabonds

Do you find yourself on an endless quest for enlightenment when there is nothing or no one that is going to make you better? Watch my video to learn how to lay the spiritual vagabond to rest.

Just Choose

You have a choice every minute of every day and every time you make a conscious choice, something happens. Choose what you want and you’ll have what you choose. So make the choice … watch this video!

Just Feel It

What’s the purpose of feelings? Watch my video to learn the reason you have feelings because the more willing you are to feel your feelings, the more powerful you can show up in the world and the quicker everything heals.

Why Are You Here?

What is your purpose in being here? Who are you here to be? In my video I look at the fact that what you do doesn’t matter. Be who you are and you’ll do whatever you’re here to do!

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