Take A Break From Negativity

Take A Break From Negativity

I was just talking with my brother Eric, who lives in San Diego, about what’s happening in our respective worlds. We were acknowledging how much polarised and polarising spin there is everywhere we look these days. Our TV screens are filled with constant hype judgements and half-truths. Our newspapers, magazines, radio shows and internet social media sites are awash with opinion and points of view and fear-filled rubbish masquerading as news.

It appears our media has become a breeding ground for strong judgmental opinion and fear-mongering asserted as truth; for made up and beat up stories that have a sliver of basis in fact and a whole raft of half-truths and heavily filtered points of view presented as the truth.

No wonder there is so much worry and stress and anxiety in our modern age. Everything is instantaneous and so whatever you think, feel or do can be made public and disseminated around the globe in mere seconds. Add to that the relentless flow of negative chatter that you ingest consciously and unconsciously every day and it’s a recipe for high stress and dysfunction.

Eric’s key message is pretty simple: “Take a break from negativity. Stop ingesting all the rubbish. Stop watching, reading and listening to all the crap. It does you no good and it’s all made up anyway. Turn off the TV and the PC and the mobile devices, play a game, talk to your family, sit and breathe, go for a walk, stare out the window … just take a break.”

Pretty simple. Flick the switch and take charge of your mind, your thoughts, your feelings and your knowing. Be loving, be open and choose what to feed your heart, your mind and your soul.

Love Lorna

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Superstitious Thinking

Superstitious Thinking

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