Communicating Meaning Is Key

28 May 2013

No matter what is going on, whether it be a disagreement with another person or tension in a group or war between nations … the key to resolution is always, always, always communication – particularly communicating what you mean.

Everything starts and ends with some form of communication. Not just the words that are spoken or written but also the energy within that informs all your communication – the energy of you and the energy of the meaning you give everything, the energy of feeling called emotion generated by your thinking mind and felt in your physical body.

The whole you is always communicating something and when you communicate the whole of what you mean and intend, the other person (or people) have less room to make up stuff, less room to “mis-understand” you and less room to start a “war”.

Always, always, always – the key to effective communication is whether or not you share openly, honestly, clearly, directly and completely in every interaction.

Once again, a simple formula that is often hard to enact consistently because your habit is to withhold something, usually how you really feel and what you really want!

So, say what you mean – give context – before you blah all the content. That way the other will get what you mean rather than just make up their own.

Say it all … what you feel and what you think as well as what you want as an outcome of the communication and take ownership of the whole.

Go all the way, have the 100% conversation and take responsibility for whatever comes back … respond from love and keep communicating until the energy shifts … and it will when you take responsibility for the whole communication.

Love Lorna

First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak.



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