Want To Know What’s Really Going On?

13 March 2018

I have been wanting to share with you, what’s going on with me.

And so I figured the best way was to simply tell you in this post … doh!

I am having the best time right now. I am doing the work I love, with clients I love, the way I love to work, when I choose to work. Yes, there’s a lot of love in my day to day living.

And this year I have created lots of new opportunities to share my work with you and the world.

Yikes! A frisson of fear just ran through me. It feels almost surreal when I sit and reflect on what’s been happening … yet I can clearly see the moments when I have opened myself to ask for and receive what I want.

It started in 1983 when I realised I am here to share this paradigm of cause with the world.

Back then I had no idea that it would look like it does today. The digital revolution has changed everything and I struggle and resist keeping up.

The other day I had a realisation … I don’t want to keep up. I don’t really want to master every digital platform or be in 24/7 communication with everyone.

What I want to do is have meaningful conversations and interactions that make a difference to me and to you.

So rather than stick to my heretofore (cool word!) schedule of blogs and posts and bumper stickers and stuff … I will write when I have something meaningful to say and can’t not share it!

As for all the stuff going on … I am working with Suzy Jacobs on her podcast project The Change Room so watch out for it in your inbox soon. I am also creating an on-line training program to support coaches who are delivering my work to their clients and I am supporting another client of mine on a global project. So it’s all happening …

And I am delighted to share the journey with you.

Love Lorna


  1. Sue Le Grange

    I totally agree Lorna. There is nothing ‘social’ about social media. It has its place but it seems to consume quite a big collection of people. The ability to communicate with real people slips away when devices consume lives.

    I am delighted to hear that your life has such balance.

  2. Margaret Bennett

    I remember the wonderful work you do in the world


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