Where Do You Tolerate “Harvey” In Your Life?

24 October 2017

The Harvey Weinstein expose currently dominating world news has triggered some of my own memories of encounters with men behaving in a sexually inappropriate or downright predatory manner in relationship to me … and my own feelings of shame for attracting such attention and “letting it happen”.

My reluctance to confront what was happening came from a belief that there was no point.
Men behaving this way was tacitly accepted as the “norm” … just stuff that men did for fun or to prove themselves to other men … ”boys will be boys” and all that. Just something I had to avoid or tolerate as a woman.

So I quickly learned to avoid and when that didn’t work, to tolerate and move on. Yet what lingered was a niggling feeling that although I was not to blame, it was about me.

With the insight and power of the paradigm I Create the Whole Of My Own Reality, I can see that I was (and am) responsible. And rather than respond by speaking up, I chose to react by shutting up. I shut up because I felt to blame, I felt wrong and I felt ashamed … so I shutdown.

By not speaking up, by not calling those men to account for behaving in ways that went from not acceptable to downright illegal and immoral, I was tolerating it … and them.

And that’s what’s going on right now in our fear-filled, fear-fueled world. Everywhere I look, I see people reacting out of fear and shutting up rather than responding out of love and speaking up. And all it produces is more of the same.

So I choose to open up and show up and speak up about the things that matter to me. I choose to stop tolerating the intolerable and respond from love. As for Harvey, I send him love and hope that he finds the truth he seeks so that he too can respond to himself and everyone he has impacted with and from love.

What about you?


Love Lorna


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