Are You Being With It Or Agreeing With It?

15 October 2006

Whatever is happening you always have a choice – you can be with it or you can agree with it and your next experience will occur out of the choice you make.

Agreeing with it means you engage in the seductive dance of deciding things mean what you think they mean out of judging and evaluating what occurs according to your past-infused beliefs about good and bad, right and wrong, ok and not ok. When you agree with it, you get stuck with it. It feels “really real” so the next urge usually is to “fight it” or “flee from it”. Struggle with it, work at it, or bury your head in the sand and enjoy a little denial. And the kicker – reacting, behaving and/or acting out of what you agreed is true from your judgement like it’s really real! Whew! When you agree with it, the game becomes fight or flight – and not much choice.

When you choose to be with whatever is going on, you will experience more peace and joy in the process of being and allowing and accepting. Energy flows and things change just in the process of life itself. Being with it means that you accept who you are as “cause” of your reality, it means accepting that whatever is occurring is how it is and allowing all the thoughts and feelings without doing anything about any of it and accepting the perfection inherent in this moment. Acceptance means the willingness to be with it rather than wanting to, having to, needing to change it, alter it or do something about it. When you be with it, energy flows.

So when something occurs, accept it, allow it, be with it and inevitably, something else will be.

Love Lorna


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