Arguing With Reality?

21 April 2014

In the new paradigm of cause … that you create the whole of your own reality … whenever you find yourself arguing with how it is … remember this … YOU made it up!

That’s right, you did. You chose the reality you are experiencing even though you may be unaware that you chose it … choose it you did. And even though you may resist being responsible for the whole of your own reality … create it you did.

When you are willing to step-up and own the whole of your own reality as your creation, when you truly take responsibility for the whole of whatever you are experiencing, you are free to choose to create anything else you can imagine … anything you desire … anything at all.

The kicker is this: before you can create something new, you first need to fully accept and own the whole of your current reality. No matter what is happening, you can accept that ALL of your reality is yours, that you are powerful and able to respond because you are the cause. If you are not, then you have to wait for whomever or whatever caused your reality to decide to change it … and some of you are still waiting.

Arguing with how it is does not bring lasting change, happiness, contentment or peace. Pushing back on the idea that you cause ALL of it does not change anything. Real and lasting change comes from you truly embracing and being responsible for the whole –  the whole of you and your whole reality the way it is – then you can choose again!

Love Lorna
Arguing with reality is like trying to teach a cat to bark — hopeless.
Byron Katie


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