Change Yourself

20 May 2014

If you want to change anything … start with yourself.

A simple yet powerful frame of reference is always, always, always, the self first … then everything and anything else.

Yet the temptation of the ego-mind ruled paradigm of fear is to jump immediately into judgement and critical analysis of whatever is happening. This is quickly followed by endless thinking loops seeking to figure out how best to get them or it to change. It’s tiring and for the most part, a fruitless endeavour that does not (and will never) deliver what you seek.

As cause of your whole reality, you get to choose where to put your attention and what to focus on. Whatever is happening is out of the choices you have been making, some are deeply unconscious and others, quite deliberate, and always you are the one who is choosing whatever is occurring, the whole of whatever is happening, the all.

Here’s the kicker: Acceptance of yourself as loving valuable creator and the whole of your reality is key which means abandoning judgement about yourself and everything and everyone else. So be aware, when you choose this path, your ego-mind will fight hard to enrol you once again in managing, protecting and defending from fear. All you need to do is remember WHO you are – perfect love –  and not agree with the voice of fear.

When you willingly engage from the paradigm of love in acting as cause and accepting that whatever is happening is simply a reflection of you and your choices to date, you become more conscious of the whole and thus have more awareness about how to respond i.e. what choices to make next … from love.

Love Lorna

Be the change you wish to see in the world.



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