Nothing Is Certain

1 May 2006

(Before you read on, take a moment to acknowledge how you are feeling)

Nothing is ever certain, except change … In fact, the only think you can be certain of, is change. This doesn’t mean you have no choice, in fact you have lots of choices in the context of change. You can choose what to change and do something wilfully to make it change. You can choose to fight change and hang onto the past, the way it was with the relentless ‘woulda-coulda-shoulda” conversation in your head. You resign yourself to change and tell yourself you have or had “no choice”. You can accept change “and make the best of it”. All stress making options! Or you can simply be here now, in this present moment, enjoying whatever is so for you, safe in the knowing that everything will change … eventually. And it will keep changing – no matter what you do (or don’t do) and no matter how you feel!

Change must occur for life to go on. No matter what you think, feel, know, do or not do, change is inevitable. So relax, enjoy this moment because it will not come again. See it’s already changed! (Check in again, how do you feel right now?) I bet it’s changed too!

Love Lorna


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