Stop Trying To Change The World!

23 March 2009

I mean it. If you really want the world to change … stop trying to change it. It’s a fruitless occupation that never delivers the goodies. Now I realise it’s very tempting to focus your energy and attention on that which is outside of you. After all it makes sense to try and control everything … or does it?

And there is the problem … when you try to do anything; you are on a path to nowhere. Trying is at best “an attempt” and at worst it actually means you are not doing something. Trying to do something is an underhanded way of avoiding telling the whole truth about what you are actually up to. And the whole notion of trying becomes very trying (couldn’t resist)!

Trying to change anything outside of yourself like another’s behaviour, outlook, mindset, feelings or a particular situation, organisation, culture or belief system is really hard work. It takes effort and persuasion and manipulation and usually after all that efforting … it doesn’t work.

If you really want things to change, you have to start with changing what’s inside you. Examine your thoughts and feelings and actions and see where you can choose to change. If you are in the habit of always looking outside first, choose to begin looking inside first. If you are in the habit of wishing and hoping things will change, start BEING the changes you wish to experience. If you want more love start being more loving, if you wish for more acceptance, start being more accepting, if you hope for more of anything, start being more of everything.

When you stop trying to change things you’ll have more energy to create change from within.

Love Lorna

Try? There is no try …



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