Investing In Consciousness

19 April 2011

Whatever your current investment strategy (or lack thereof), the single most effective investment you can make right now is your investment in your own consciousness.

No matter what your choice of occupation, relationship status, financial situation or feelings – investing in consciousness will return abundant riches … not necessarily in the ways you think but rather in the most powerful and fulfilling ways for your own evolution.

There is no time like the present moment to dive deep into the waters of your own awareness and consciousness … to become aware of what is happening right before you and in you, deep underneath the noise of day-to-day existence. With so much chaos and disruption playing out on the world stage, now is the time to stop … step back … take a breath and ask yourself: “What’s really going on?” then be still and be aware and you will become conscious of more than you know right now. And the more you take the time to stop … and breathe … the more aware you will become and on it goes.

This is really quite simple … nothing too complex or complicated about stopping … and sitting … and breathing … and allowing … and becoming aware … yet the ego centric voice within will resist and you may find yourself too busy to stop; too engaged in what’s happening to step outside your mind and reflect on the whole; too tired or too energised or any one of a number of good and solid reasons why you just “can’t”!

Simple isn’t necessarily comfortable or easy. Simple challenges our competitive need to achieve through complexity and effort and winning. Becoming conscious of who you are and what’s really going on is challenging and confronting and relentlessly wonderful. It requires boldness and a willingness to open yourself up, to be uncomfortable, to not know and go there anyway, to immerse yourself in the wonder and mystery of BEING all of everything and in so doing, realising everything is all of you.

Love Lorna

In its highest expression, the evolutionary impulse is experienced as the awakening of a desire to evolve at the level of consciousness itself. It is the deeply felt urge to rise up, to reach toward perfection. And it is also a nagging and relentless existential discomfort, a sense that I must find a way to become more conscious.

Andrew Cohen


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