The Niggle Knows Even When I Say I Don’t

5 December 2017

You know what the truth is for you. You might not know all the content and detail and you DO know when something is true … or not.

And so do I.

Yet you and I both lie about it sometimes.

I say “I don’t know” when what I mean is that I am not yet certain of what I do know and in the absence of any tangible evidence, my fearful ego-mind starts the infernal, internal conversation that I really don’t know what’s true because I am feeling unsure. Which just leads to more uncertainty and round and round I go.

What I have discovered is that when I am presented with a “truth”, it takes about 2 seconds for the energetic response … either “yes” or “no”.

No ambiguity in the energy, just a clear “yes” or “no”. It’s very fast and when I am present and open and aware, I notice the response. “Yes” is very clear and the energy flows … and “no” is the niggle.

The energetic “no” response is simply my way of letting me know that whatever I am hearing, seeing, feeling, experiencing is not the whole truth. When I refuse to ignore the niggle, when I choose to pay attention and go with the niggle, I ask more questions, get more information, and seek to find out what’s really going on so I can respond effectively.

When I ignore the niggle … usually because I want to believe that whatever I am experiencing is the truth, I have to shut down the part of me that knows that something is not ok with whatever is occurring. I have plenty of experience of ignoring the niggle and reaping the (oft painful) consequences. And I also have plenty of experience of paying attention to the niggle and reaping the (oft pleasant) consequences.

As always in the paradigm of cause, it’s a choice.

So next time you feel the niggle … choose to pay attention and respond from love. Because you do know what the truth is for you.

Love Lorna


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