There Is Enough!

5 November 2008

There is enough of everything. There is enough air to breathe and food to feed every single person on this planet and then some. There is enough space for everyone to have somewhere to settle and be at peace. There is enough of everything to ensure everyone’s wellbeing for a long, long time so what’s going on? Why do we act like there is not enough? Why do we hold on and over consume and dread the loss of what we have accumulated?

Think about it. I bet you could go to your fridge right now and feed more people than you realise. And when you go to your wardrobe, how many people could you clothe? And what about everything else you have? If you shared with others, how far would it go? What are you willing to share?

Now I am not suggesting you go out right now and give away all your stuff – you could and that would certainly be an experience that would blow your mind! – I am suggesting you wake up! And get conscious of how much you actually have, right now, and realise you have enough. If you have been feeling any anxiety about the world’s current economic maelstrom, you have bought into the pervasive and causative mindset that there is never enough and that no matter how much you have, more is better. This mindset is the path to hell.

The path to peace is to remember you are enough. That you have enough and no matter what you think you have, it’s only temporary. When you remember that you are infinitely creative and powerful, then you realise there is no need to accumulate or hang onto anything. When you realise that everything is energy (it just keeps changing form) and when you freely and unconditionally share your energy (in all its forms), everything flows and peace is assured.

Love Lorna

There is enough of everything … there is.


  1. Andrew

    Nice one, Lorna. A good message for me to get right now. xx

  2. Linda@whiteroom

    I have been into de-consumerism for a few years now, moving to smaller and smaller houses one with no external storage now and minimal internal storage and the less I have the better I feel. So much less to clean, manage and stress over. My other new discovery is how much is available free or near enough to free. Here is to enough! Lx


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