Have You Got The Secret?

1 May 2007

There’s been a lot of publicity about “The Secret” in recent weeks. Newspaper opinion pieces, television exposes, send-ups and interviews, radio talk-back shows and internet chat rooms all abuzz with polarized viewpoints alternately attacking or defending what one Sydney psychologist dubbed “dangerous psychobabble”.

So what is “The Secret” and why is it causing so much controversy?

“The Secret” was originally produced as a television “documentary” which received very little exposure. When the DVD was released here in 2006 word spread like wildfire and everyone I met seemed to be talking about ”The Secret”.

When I watched it for the first time last year, my initial reaction was “here we go again – simplistic, re-hashed, positive thinking rhetoric”. However half-way through the DVD, I realised that although it lacked certain clear distinctions and some depth, its basic premise – “The Law Of Attraction” – is on point with the paradigm: I Create The Whole Of My Own Reality. What’s missing is the clear and unambiguous distinction that The Law Of Attraction is not confined only to that which you now decide you really want.

The Law Of Attraction is working ALL the time, in every moment. It is the endless flow of creative energy manifesting in a myriad of ways, activated by constant input from your thoughts, your feelings (emotions and sensory based), your intuition or “knowing” and your actions. Whatever you have ever experienced and are currently experiencing is a result of whatever you have chosen before this moment, i.e. whatever you are experiencing is what you have been “attracting to you”. The fact that much of what you “attract” is not what you consciously “want’ (or choose) does not nullify the law. All it means is that you have not been conscious of what you have actually been choosing. When you are willing to take responsibility for whatever shows up, to truly be “at cause” in the matter, you are free to respond however you choose and free to choose again. It really comes down to remembering you are connected to everyone and everything, that who you really are is loving, creative, powerful, and magnificent and that we are all one.

When you get this, you’ve got “The Secret”.

Love Lorna

Any great idea, if not at first thought absurd,
hasn’t much hope …

Albert Einstein


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