The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

8 March 2016

You are probably familiar with this statement. It has been part of our modern legal process and seems to indicate that when agreed to, that’s what will happen.

Not so.

In my world (and paradigm of unlimited cause), everybody lies and there is no such thing as absolute truth. Yet we persist in lying to ourselves about what truth is and how it “should” be told. And when my “truth” is not the same as your “truth” we argue, fight and go to war.

You have your own unique set of filters through which you view yourself and everyone and everything in your world. Your filters inform the meaning you give to everything and thus inform your “truth” at any given moment. So insisting that your “truth” is the “real truth” is a lie … unless everyone shares your exact same filters …and the truth is, they don’t. Not now, not ever.

Your truth is whatever you believe is true and so is mine. Your truth is whatever you think, feel and know and so is mine and when they are not the same, it doesn’t mean you are lying or that I am … it just means we have different filters, different ways of seeing the world and different ways of making meaning about what is happening.

You are probably taught that it is “good” to be honest and that lying is “wrong” yet telling the truth is not as simple as just saying what you know is true. Telling the whole truth requires a willingness to acknowledge the whole of what is so for you. It includes what you think AND what you feel, viscerally and emotionally, about what you perceive is going on. It also requires a willingness to listen to and accept the feedback you receive, (particularly when it is not the same as what you perceive it is), as part of the whole truth. When you are willing to be responsible for the whole of what you give and what you get, your truth can become the whole truth.

Telling the truth is powerful and liberating … when you tell the whole truth – what you give and what you get as feedback – the energy shifts and you will feel it. And when it doesn’t … you have more truth to tell. So keep opening up, speaking up, acknowledging the whole and the shift will occur.

And that’s the truth!

Love Lorna

In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

George Orwell


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