You Are Response-Able

6 September 2016

Responsibility has nothing to do with blame, shame, guilt or fault. All are derived from a context of fear – the fear that when you do something “wrong” it means that WHO YOU ARE is “wrong” and round you go again with the “not good enough” stuff.

If you want to get off the wheel of making yourself “wrong”, step up and BE responsible – Response-Able – for all that you experience, all that you do and all that you have.

BEING responsible from the paradigm of I Create The Whole Of My Own Reality means that whatever happens, the first place you go is within … the first thing you do is look inside and ask “How did I cause this to occur?” rather than react out of your feelings and blame something or someone outside of you. Tempting as it is, particularly when reacting strongly out of fear, remember to stop …take a breath and let yourself feel the feeling … breathe and allow and let it release. Then you have some space to remember that you are able to respond from love rather than just react out of fear. You are the cause and you can respond any way you choose.

It’s not an easy thing to do when you start … it takes practice and rigour and above all a consistent choice to remember WHO YOU ARE: powerful beyond measure and able to respond. And the more you are willing to BE responsible for all that you experience, the more you are willing to adopt the filter that you are able to respond to whatever shows up, the more you will experience yourself as cause rather than a victim of your fearful ego mind, your emotional reactions and the external world.

When you remember that fear is an illusion and only love is real, BEING responsible is the key to creating the reality you choose.

Love Lorna

Responsibility starts with the willingness to experience yourself as cause …

Werner Erhard


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