We Need To Talk … About Telling The Truth

20 February 2018

I have a couple of simple yet powerful rules when it comes to changing anything and everything:

  1. Tell the whole truth about what’s so … all of it.
  2. Take responsibility for how it is … all of it.
  3. Choose again.

So what’s going on when things don’t change?


The whole truth has yet to be told.

Missing just one tiny shrapnel of truth from that first step ensures that whatever you are choosing to change … won’t. At least not sustainably. You may get a slight shift, a temporary change yet what will eventually happen is more of the same.

Telling the whole truth includes your feelings and emotions and that’s where it gets really tricky and sticky … for you and for me and for most humans. The fear of feeling the feelings and then being seen to be feeling … is still the number one reason the whole truth isn’t told … personally, professionally, locally and globally.

Yet allowing my emotional truth to be heard and felt and responded to is one of the single most powerful things I (and you) can do.

When I tell my whole truth, things change immediately. The energy shifts and I can feel it and so can you. When I let myself be vulnerable and express my deeper emotional truth, I am more available in my relationships. I experience a profound sense of connection … of empathy … of compassion … and love for you and for me.

Love Lorna

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  1. Nicholas Murfett

    Reading this message has reminded me of the profoundly positive impact which it has on my life and others who have heard it too, in the 18 years since I first heard it from Lorna. Peace, space and love result. Thank you dear Lorna keep sharing it.


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