Stop Expecting Others To Be Reasonable

23 January 2018

These very wise words are what my coach and mentor said to me just prior to my Christmas holiday.

And I am delighted to report that I took his coaching with me and frequently remembered (and reminded myself) to let go of my expectations as I thoroughly enjoyed my family-centric Christmas at the beach.

The following 2 weeks were also very relaxing and enjoyable … and although the holiday vibe had a lot to do with it, I also know my willingness to stop expecting others to be reasonable, made an enormous difference to my state of mind and heart and feelings and experience.

As with all things in this glorious paradigm of cause … it is breathtakingly simple … just stop expecting anything!

Yet the day to day hoobliblah of living always gets in the way of my very best intentions. I forget to detach…I find myself expecting this or that because that is how it’s always been … or even more insidious … how it should be. And what I know will occur if I go down the rabbit hole of agreement is that I end up frustrated, disappointed and/or downright angry. Because disappointment is an inevitable by-product of attachment to expectations.

So my choice is NOT to get rid of all expectations – for that just leads me down the rabbit hole too – but rather to BE aware of when I have become attached to my expectations so I can acknowledge them and let go. And the more I practice letting go, the more I experience the space and peace I choose.

Love Lorna


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