I’m Giving Up This Christmas

16 December 2020

That’s right … you heard … I am giving up this Christmas …

Well actually I am choosing to give up right now and right now and right now.

What I mean is giving up old, automatic reactions, beliefs and subsequent behaviours that are no longer fit for purpose in 2020 and beyond.

Things like getting frustrated and angry and scared when things don’t go how I want them to, how I planned, how I expected.

And let’s face it, 2020 has been a year of continuous unknowns, surprises and extraordinary shifts in the way we live, work, move around, interact and connect.

Even though I know I am powerful and creative and can respond to whatever happens … this past year I have become acutely aware of how I have been feeling, day in and day out. When I feel anxious, worried or scared, which I have a lot this year, I tend to hold it in and hold back and get angry and push away. This stops the flow, it clogs the path and makes everything harder. And it is not pleasant energy to be around.

This is not the me I wish to be in the world.

And this year I have given myself a huge opportunity to dive into the places and spaces in me where I hide myself, where I shut down, where I feel too vulnerable.

I have let myself (eventually!) feel it and heal it and my choice is to give up trying to make anything happen the way I think it should or could, to let go and accept that whatever happens I am ok and I can respond from love.

It doesn’t mean I won’t feel stuff … I am and I will.

And it does mean that I am choosing to be more mindful that my feelings are not facts about me and that feeling them fully includes opening up and letting them go …until, they rise again.

So this Christmas, I am choosing to give up needing to know, to control, to work it all out, to have certainty. I know this won’t be easy or quick … I am a messy human …

And whatever happens, I am the one who gets to choose whether to hang on or give up and go with the flow.

Love Lorna

Happy Festivus All!

Well it has been that kind of year, so I thought an iconic Seinfeld reference was appropriate 🙂

However you choose to celebrate and commemorate this extraordinary year, I wish you and yours joy and love and lots of fun. I wish you plenty of rest, relaxation and play and quiet moments to sit and appreciate all of who you are and what’s possible when you let yourself BE.

It has been my pleasure to be with you, to serve you and to support you. And I have gained much from all of you being in my orbit. Thank you.

Love you to the moon and back.

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  1. Gisele

    Love you Lorna. Very grateful for all of who you are and what you have brought to my life and to many others as a result.

    • Lorna Patten

      Thank you Beautiful Gisele.
      Big hug and much love to you and yours, Lorna

  2. Ros

    Thank you Lorna! Hope you have a restful and peaceful Christmas (if that is what you would like to choose for yourself).
    Loads of hugs and thank you for your in-depth articles this year. Keeps me grounded!

    • Lorna Patten

      Beautiful Ros…how lovely you are still reading my offerings and finding them useful …thank you!
      Enjoy your Christmas as I will mine. Big hug and much love, Lorna


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