Why The Rush?

18 November 2020

I am delighted to share with you a piece written by a beautiful friend, client and colleague of mine, Jon Mailer.

Jon is the founder and CEO of Protrade United – Australia’s #1 Coaching & Mentoring organisation that provides trade and construction business owners with the tools, resources, information and connections to create consistency of results, stability and freedom of choice.


Love Lorna

Why The Rush?

If our soul’s life is immortal, then what is the rush?
We are here to learn/remember.
And if we don’t learn in this ‘physical’ lifetime, then we have the next, and the next and the next.

It is only the ego that is wanting to force the pace of our expansion, and that of others. If we are committed to helping others to progress, and yet ‘not attached’ to how they progress/learn, or the pace at which they learn, then allow them to be the chooser of their journey.

Our individual rush to gain financial wealth, stature, fame, getting more stuff done, etc. can be the source of great suffering. Suffering from anxiety, judgement, overwhelm, guilt, resentment etc.

What for? It is all an illusion. An illusion crafted by the ego.

What if you knew that you will be ok? You are enough – just as you are, because you are! There is enough, and always will be enough.

No extra doing (pressure, speed, hustle, rush) will actually bring results quicker. In fact, it may just add resistance to the equation and push everything away.

When the feeling of overwhelm, anxiety and ‘not enoughness’ shows up:
Stop. Sit. Breathe.
Recognise that your anxiety, at its source, is the ‘not good enough’ stuff.
And it is not real. Just feels real.
Change the context: Less ‘stuff’ to do. More BEING …

Be … loving, patient, rigorous, observant, grateful, peaceful, calm, generous …

After all, there is no rush.

-Jon Mailer

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  1. Agnes

    Hiya Lorna,
    Thanks for this great article and I have a ‘yeah but what if…’
    It’s OK to say it’s ego that drives us, which implies it’s a ‘bad’ thing…well not bad, but certainly down the evolutionary ladder. I think rush can come from pain (physical or emotional) and urgency for relief. And yes I can go for equanimity which I love, but I’m not there yet, and I feel it’s a bit preachy to place the pain in the ego, as if it’s something easily controlled and dismissed. I’m not an especially patient person, but I am tenacious and sometimes enough does not feel like it’s adequate to relieve the pain.
    xx Agnes

  2. Lorna Patten

    Thanks for sharing Anges….love your distinctions.
    When I reflect on the ego…I see it as a part of the whole…not bad or wrong, just limited.
    If you perceive that pain and the need for relief is not connected to your ego then
    I get the “preachy” comment! As for equanimity…not there yet either…it’s a process of
    accepting, allowing and appreciating the whole.
    Enjoy the ride.
    Love Lorna

  3. Agnes

    Hi Lorna,
    I think I was a bit harsh in my comment yesterday about Jon Mailer’s article. I’ve thought the same as he from time to time. Calling his work preachy was unkind and mean coz I know better and I allowed my frustration into my fingers and made it personal. Not my best.
    x Agnes


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