What Did You Expect?

4 November 2020

It has been said that expectation is simply a prescription for disappointment and never has this been so apparent as now.

This global pandemic has upended much in the world as we knew it … and when the first wave hit us here in Australia, we went into lock-down quickly, and for the most part, people complied with the advice from health officials and our government.

No one knew what was going to happen, expectations were low because we didn’t have any experience of what was occurring let alone have any real idea of what would happen next.

We are eight months into this Covid-19 pandemic and everyone has their own expectations about what should happen next, what shouldn’t happen next and everything in-between.

Expectations … everyone has them and they are very sticky … full of wanting and hoping. We expect things and people to be how we want them to be … and when they are not we get scared.

The result is an increase in conflict, more shaming and blaming and frustration and anger. Which is what happens when your expectations are not met … you get angry.

“Anger is one of fears most potent faces … it stops us from receiving love when we need it the most …” says Marianne Williamson in her beautiful book, Illuminata.

Ain’t that the truth.

When scared, what we want is to feel safe. We want to be in control …

As I have said before, from the paradigm of cause, the only place where you have any control is within. You get to choose the thoughts you think, the feelings you feel, the choices you make and the actions you take.

When filled with expectation, choose to remember that no one is in control and that the need to control is sourced in a context of fear.

So take a breath … and choose love.

Love Lorna

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  1. Peter

    Very concisely said Lorna Thankyou/


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