Is Anything Ever Good Enough?

28 November 2023

The short, simple answer is no.

As long as you seek to become “good enough” or get something to be “good enough” you are on a relentless roller-coaster of “not quite good enough … yet”.

And therein lies the seductive trap of your fearful thinking mind which says: “if I could just do enough, have enough, succeed enough, create enough … blah, blah, blah … than I would feel good enough.”

And then I would be happy.

Doesn’t work though … does it?

The loving response to this relentless game of “not good enough” is to remember who you are … loveable, valuable, powerful … and to accept that although you don’t feel that way all the time, that is WHO you are.

As with all things in this paradigm of cause, it’s simple and requires a willingness to accept the whole of who you are irrespective of what you think and how you feel. Thoughts and feelings come and go, WHO you are is constant.

You are the one who chooses to think the thoughts you think and you also choose whether to agree with them or not. Same with your feelings. You choose to feel the feelings you feel. You get to choose whether to agree or not.

When you tell the truth about who you are and what you are choosing to think and feel and do… when you choose to respond to your “not good enough” stuff from love rather than fear, everything changes.

And right now, we humans could certainly do with changing a lot of the “not good enough/not enough” conflict that’s going on in our world. The most effective way to for me to respond, is to ask myself: “Where am I in conflict/at war with myself/others?” and then let the answers come to me … and they do!

It’s uncomfortable and sometimes it feels pointless when I see and feel all the fear and pain in the world and yet I know that the only way I/we can truly resolve and transform any conflict is to first go within. When I choose to remember who I am, when I choose to love myself, tell the truth and be responsible for everything I am choosing to create and experience, I am at peace.

Imagine, if every human being simply chose love over fear …
We can … and it starts with me.

Love Lorna

there is enough

there is enough
of everything
for everyone
all the time
there is enough
of all we need
for all we are
and now can be
there is enough
air to breathe
and food to feed
the hungry
there is enough
love to heal
the hearts of those
who hurt
there is enough
of everything
there is enough
there is

From my latest poetry book when I get squeezed now available on Amazon

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