when I get squeezed …

24 October 2023

… is the title of my new poetry book which you can buy on amazon from today!
Spoiler alert: it’s hard copy only, no kindle or e-reader versions.

I am thrilled, delighted and very satisfied at having finally gathered all the poems I have been writing over the past dozen years as well as creating some new ones and putting them into a book to share with you and the world.

when I get squeezed ... poems from the inside by Lorna Patten

when I get squeezed

poems from the inside

by Lorna Patten

Poetry is not something I had a yearning for or a passion to produce. In fact, I was completely taken aback when I found myself holding what was to become my first book of poems, opened up.

I remember thinking “I can’t share this with the world, it’s far too personal, it’s my journal, my deeper thoughts and feelings all laid bare … it’s not poetry really”. Yet with much support from many people, I self-published opened up in 1999. (You can get it on my website)

Since then, I have noticed that there are times when I am moved to write more poetry. I don’t sit and think about what I will write, should write, could write … I simply sit and write whatever is coming through, whatever words I hear inside I write. No editing, tweaking, changing or altering … just as it comes.

It’s really pretty simple yet when I start to think about what I am writing, when I choose to let my very fine analytical mind take hold, the words don’t flow and I end up stuck in a cycle of thinking about what I am writing and then writing what I am thinking. It doesn’t work and it’s certainly not poetry!

What works for me is to simply allow the words to flow when they do and stay mindful that when I start telling myself I have to write something now, I don’t.
Then I stop, take a breath and let go.

It’s simple and not always easy, yet when I do, everything flows … and that’s poetry.

Love Lorna

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