When Is Enough, Enough?

15 August 2023

It appears that the concept of enough is enough is foreign to many people in the world today. There is a huge amount of advertising and marketing and spin based on the idea that more is better and even more is even better.

And yet, the more people seem to acquire, the more they want and the more they want the more they have to acquire and on it goes with no end in sight.
So when is enough … enough?

The irony to me is that we have enough for everyone to be fed and housed and educated and looked after in a way that enhances life on our planet for all human beings. We do!
So why do some have so much more than enough and others have almost nothing?
Because we won’t share.

And the reason we won’t share is because we are scared that we might end up with not enough if we do. This ridiculous notion is based on the primal wounding of the inner child … I am not good enough but if I do this or that, succeed in this or that, get enough, have enough then maybe I will feel good enough. It doesn’t work because there is no way out of this loop until you realise, it’s not true.

Here’s the truth about you and me (and everyone else on our planet):
I am ok, I am loveable and valuable because I AM and I feel anything but ok a lot.
The feelings of not good enough are feelings, not facts. They cannot be responded to in any way that works by doing more, having more, getting more and holding onto much more than I need. That only reinforces my feelings of lack and not good enough.

So, what can I do? Change my mind, clean my filter. Remember who I am is ok and what I feel is what I feel.

For me the rigour required to remember this and live like I am ok is a daily practice using my favourite mantra: I am enough, I have enough, there is always enough.

And that’s enough for me.

Love Lorna

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