How Do You Know What’s True?

27 June 2023

There is such a lot of misinformation, disinformation, carefully curated “facts” and all sorts of noise in the air right now. The explosion and influence of social media across the global landscape coupled with traditional media outlets’ need to keep up and compete has led to an outpouring of people’s opinions, judgements, biases and downright lies masquerading as the truth.

So how do you navigate your way through all the noise to get to the truth?


You have an internal guidance system that knows what is true for you … all the time.
The question is … how often do you pay attention to what you know rather than agree with your thinking mind or feelings?

The purpose of most of the marketing/influencing/social media hype is to get you to engage, buy, agree with or take on board what is being “sold”. You have an immediate knowing about whether what you are seeing, hearing, experiencing is true for you. It’s often unreasonable and that’s the challenge because your thinking mind will immediately start questioning how you know what you know.

The opportunity is to accept that you do know and that you also get to choose whether to trust what you know and act on it … or not.

When you do, you will know that you know.
When you don’t, you will know that you did know and chose to ignore it.

As I said, simple.

And that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It takes a willingness to pay attention to your immediate knowing about anything and everything and to relentlessly practice accepting, allowing and appreciating all of who you are: Lovable, Valuable, Powerful and able … able to trust what you know and what to choose next.

Love Lorna

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