So What Happened?

10 July 2019

Nothing much really … which in itself was a surprise.

I did expect some push-back, some back-lash, something.

Instead what I got was nothing … I mean nada, nil, zero in terms of reaction. A few people congratulated me on having the courage to stop but as for push-back … not a drop.

I’m still here, still ok and still doing what I love even though I gave up social media over a month ago. I do admit that there were (and still are) moments of wondering and wanting to just have a quick peek at FB or Twitter but it passes and I continue to not engage.

The most significant change I have experienced is increased peace and quiet both literally and energetically. My email inbox is no longer flooded with as many alerts, notifications or blatant sales pitches for various products and services.

There is simply more space in my day-to-day life. I enjoy letting go of the need to read and respond and post endlessly (and letting go is a relentless process!).

Yes, I do miss out on hearing about some significant events and milestones and special celebrations or awesome photographs from lots of people … and yet I trust that when I need to know something important, I find out in other ways.

And I do.

So what’s next?

Well I will continue to send out this newsletter/blog when I feel moved to share something.

I will continue to connect face-to-face either in person or virtually and I am always contactable by phone, text or email.

And I will continue to show up and BE who I choose to BE, sharing the paradigm of LOVE with you and anyone else who wants to know.

Love Lorna

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  1. Peter Day

    We love you, who, why how where ever you are Lorna


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