Accept, Allow, Appreciate

11 December 2019

Like I said … I’ll be back when I have something to say … and here I am.

Actually I have had a lot to say over the past 6 months about a lot of things and every time I go to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard I ask myself one simple, yet powerful, question: “For what purpose?”

The response I get determines my next choice … and so far the most consistent response I have had to that question has been: “Because I think I should.” So I haven’t.

Until now.

The response I got when I asked the question a few weeks ago was: “Because I want to.” and that’s a whole different energy to shoulding all over myself … and you.

I first started writing this newsletter/blog back in April 2006 and I chose to write and send one every month, come rain, hail or shine, no matter what … every month.

And I did for the most part, 12 a year for over 11 years….until 2017 when the fast changing technology enticed me to create a series of podcasts with Suzy Jacobs in The Change Room. Then I chose to let go of all involvement in social media and take a break from the constant noise and chatter and pressure to keep creating content.

Which brings us to now….the end of another year of delightful moments, exciting opportunities, challenging encounters and much peace.

Throughout 2019 my focus has been … accept, allow, appreciate.
Three simple yet powerful words dripping with distinction.

Awareness is paramount and once aware of what I am thinking, feeling, knowing and experiencing…the next choice I make is to accept ALL of it, allow ALL of it and appreciate ALL of it. The whole, the all … nothing less.

It’s relentless and sometimes so hard I run back into the drama triangle for a bit until I remember to simply accept, allow and appreciate.

I deeply appreciate taking time to sit and simply be, without an agenda, without a “to do” list knocking at the door of my consciousness, without any have-to’s or should’s getting in the way. With hindsight I can see that what it actually takes to BE at peace is to fully accept the infernal, internal ego-mind as a constant companion on this human journey. The ego is not a demon or something to be got rid of … it exists to show me who I am choosing to BE in relationship to it’s relentless “not good enough … yet” narrative. When I simply allow it to be there without resisting or getting involved or “trying to make it go away” … it becomes quieter, less sticky and peace presides.

In this paradigm of cause … it’s always a process.
A process of accepting, and allowing and appreciating … not agreeing or liking or not liking … simply appreciate whatever occurs as being purposeful and keep breathing.

As we move into the next decade of this 21st Century (I know … crazy….right!),
I wish you and yours a time of sharing the love that you are … and I encourage you to remember and accept that WHO you are is OK, Lovable, Valuable, allow yourself to BE all that you are and appreciate that YOU are the creative force in your life and in your world.

Enjoy this holiday time with those you love as I will. I am taking three weeks to sit and recharge, to swim in the ocean and eat fabulous seafood with my extended family at the beach.

Love Lorna

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