Feeling Scared?

25 March 2020

Me too…
and that’s ok.
And it’s ok to feel it.

I keep reminding myself: “It’s a feeling, not a fact”
I am ok and I feel scared, worried, confused and not ok … not every minute of the day and often enough at this time in our history and collective experience of a global pandemic, to be mindful and rigorous in the new paradigm: I Create The Whole Of My Own Reality.

This means, when I FEEL scared (or whatever the feeling is)
I stop and remind myself I am ok. I AM.
I can respond to myself and others from LOVE rather than fear.
I can if I am willing to be response-able for the whole of myself and what is going on.

Then I take a breath and let the energy-in-motion, the feeling move through me
and I keep breathing … until the feeling releases.
And it does when I allow it to come … and … go.
If I stop myself from feeling it, distract myself with endless mind-chatter and doing, then it doesn’t shift. When I am with and get attached to the fearful energy, I make decisions and choices based on fear rather than love and it just gets more intense.

So as soon as I notice I am agreeing with the fear, I stop and check-in with what I KNOW … not what I think or what I feel emotionally, but what I know to be so for me in the entirety of who I am, the cause of the whole of the whole.

It doesn’t mean I don’t get triggered, it doesn’t mean I have it all handled and what it does mean, is that when I remember WHO I AM and that I get to choose, then I can choose a different response to the automatic, insidious fearful reacting that happens.

My choice is to remember I can respond … not to get rid of the fear but to know that when it rises, I can respond from the only place that melts fear … LOVE.

Love Lorna

Love In The Time Of Coronavirus

I decided to write this blog because so many people in my community and all over the world are overwhelmed by fear, panic, anxiety, worry, concern and downright terror … and I wanted to offer what I know and what I see could support each person to BE present and source themselves in love … even when feeling afraid.

When I get present to the collective energy, whether I am personally triggered and feeling it myself (in which case I do the process I shared in this blog) or if simply aware of it, I send love, I breathe in fear and breathe out love (based on the Buddhist Black Smoke Meditation) and I do it as often as I recognise fear in my field. Right now it’s relentless and I know it will pass.

I will be offering regular blogs and videos designed to support you at this time of unprecedented global change. There is tremendous opportunity for each and every one of us at this time, and it’s up to you.

So BE who you are, powerful, lovable, valuable, creative response-able being, DO whatever you can to respond to the fear and return to love and you will have what you choose.

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  1. Laura

    Thankful for your sharing Lorna
    Love ?


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