The Power Of You

6 June 2017

The power of you is that you are you.

Simple. Powerful.

The power of you is that you are free to choose to create yourself however you like in the paradigm of cause. You get to choose how you show up … powerfully.

It has nothing to do with anyone else.

You don’t have any power over anyone or anything.
Seeking power over someone or something is not power…it’s control.
And seeking to control is borne out of fear not love. It comes from the paradigm of fear – victim/persecutor/rescuer – and never produces that which you seek … certainty or security or peace.

The power of you is that you are pure loving creative energy, able to choose to BE whomever you choose and out of that DO whatever brings you joy and HAVE whatever you choose. The power of you is that you are response-able for all that you are and all that you do and all that you have and you get to choose how to respond … again … and again … and again …

All it takes is your willingness to accept the awesome power of who you are and what’s really possible when you choose love over fear.

That’s the power of you.

Love Lorna

The power of you is that you are you

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  1. Alma Sheik

    beautiful lorna, simply who you are.


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