Stop The Blame Game

Stop The Blame Game

I am utterly sick of the blame game that is showing up everywhere in my world. The overt and covert blame game is on. World leaders are blaming, people everywhere are blaming and so am I.

Yet, blaming someone or something for whatever I am experiencing is not the way to peace because it is all about judging, make wrong and being right.

When I blame you I am saying you are wrong. And although I may not say those words out loud, you get it anyway and start reacting … usually sending the righteous energy of blame right back at me. This just keeps the game going and nothing changes.

The blame game in my own head is what keeps me stuck in the blame game of life.

When I went looking for blame what I found was not me so much blaming the external but a more subtle, yet insidious form of make wrong … directed at myself.

After all I am an expert on human being, I am committed to being conscious and aware, I live by the principles of the paradigm of I Create The Whole Of My Own Reality so it follows that when things don’t happen the way I think they should/would/could … when things go “wrong” I must be to blame because I have caused it … whew that’s a whole load of blame … and baloney …

Blame is the opposite of being responsible and I feel powerless to change anything that I am blaming.

Taking responsibility for the whole of my own reality means accepting that I have caused it, recognising the consequences of my choices, feeling the feelings and responding to myself and you and the whole from love.

When I take this position in relationship to you and my world, I get to feel how I want to feel and I get to do what I choose to do and I get to have peace.

Can you imagine a world where responsibility is the norm instead of the blame game?

I can.

Love Lorna

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