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24 October 2007

I’ve just returned from London after delivering some workshops and catching up with lots of people, some of whom I haven’t seen for several years. On the flight over I became aware that I was feeling quite anxious. I told myself “… it’s to be expected … you’re travelling far away from home, meeting new people … just let go, get off it, calm down, relax” … blah, blah blah …

A few days (and a few challenging experiences) later, I noticed I was feeling even more anxious and now I was also feeling angry. Clearly telling myself to “just let go and get off it” was not working.

I vented to a friend then decided to sit with the feelings and let myself be. I realised that I was reacting to old stories, old pictures and old stuff still running in my head – stuff that had happened in the past – stuff that was not actually going on right now … except I continued to create it and recreate it inside me. I realised I could keep choosing to create my now based on the past or I could choose to get up-to-date, to take a fresh look at the people and situations I was experiencing right now and choose a different reality now, free from the past.

I chose to take a fresh look, to listen with clean filters, to remember that every person I encounter is a magnificent, loving, creative being – as am I – irrespective of what shows up and all I need is to be here now, in this moment, freely choosing this moment, right now.

Over the next three weeks, I had the most wonderful time. I loved every moment of my time away, I made new friends, deepened connections with others and experienced the joy of being here now, choosing fresh and clean, right here, right now. I recommend it.

Love Lorna

Nothing ever happened in the past that can prevent you from being present now … if the past can’t prevent you from being present, what power does it have?

Eckhart Tolle

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  1. Laney

    Hi Lorna,

    I enjoyed reading your article and the shift you made through clearing filters on your U.K. Trip.

    I look forward to hearing about your trip next week in Melbourne.

    Much love,


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