Had Enough?

6 May 2020

100 days since the world as we know it changed.

Just 3 months since Australia and many other countries began changing the rules about how we live and work and move around.

Human beings are hardwired for certainty and the really challenging and often frustrating thing about this time is there is no certainty about when and how and what will emerge from underneath these new rules and restrictions.

No one knows exactly what will be in 3 months, 6 months or a year from now. Yet what we do know is that things will change and keep changing.

What I have been grappling with over this past month, is my own relentless egomind chatter insisting: “I’m not doing enough … I need to get a plan together … I have to know what to do next…I need to come up with a BIG idea, something
creative and amazing and transformational and altogether different and inspiring …” and on and on.

What I am glad about is that I recognise the shoulding all over myself in that internal dialogue and I am less tempted that ever to give in to it. It’s actually ok to sit with the feelings and the chatter and allow rather than knee jerk into action.

As for how it will look, what will actually be occurring, what specifically will it all look like … I don’t know.
And that’s ok.

It’s not the time for future planning … not yet.

Right now my focus is choosing how I show up moment by moment. choosing what I agree with and what I let go of. Choosing to be patient and allow things to unfold rather than “trying” to control everything or make anything particular happen.

And choosing that when it’s time to imagine, plan, create and manifest what’s next … I will.

Right now, I choose to trust myself and what I deeply know to be so … I am enough, I have enough, there is always enough.

And that’s enough for me … right now.

Love Lorna

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  1. Sandra Cregan

    Resonated strongly with me Lorna, as your blog so often does. Sending lots of love x


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