How To Let Go

7 June 2016

The first step in letting go of anything is to acknowledge that you are holding on … to the stories and the movies in your head, to the stuff of the past that you bring into your present by feeling today just like you felt yesterday about whatever has occurred. Tell the truth about what you are hanging onto and then you can choose to let go.

Simple … and not easy when unresolved feelings are involved and your wounded internal 3 year old just wants for things to be “made right”.

And here it is … again. The unhealed emotional wounds from past experiences keep you stuck in reliving those experiences in the here and now over and over again … and nothing much changes.

And it won’t as long as you keep recycling those memories and experiences and all the meaning you gave with the hope of working out “why” all this stuff happened to you and how you can get a different outcome. You cannot change the past … but you can change what happens next if you are willing to consider shifting yourself from a context of “victim/persecutor/rescuer” (The Old Paradigm of Fear) to a context of “I Create The Whole Of My Own Reality” (The New Paradigm of Love).

What if nothing really “happens to you” but rather everything “happens for you?”

Being willing to accept that you are powerful, that you are the cause of everything in your reality whether you are aware of causing it or not, frees you to accept that you have created everything for your growth and benefit not for your detriment. Then you are free to choose again.

When you accept everything in your reality as yours, you are free to hang on or let go.

The choice is always…yours.

Love Lorna

In the process of letting go
you will lose many things from the past
but you will find yourself.

Deepak Chopra


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