Let It Go

12 January 2016

Another year has dawned and with it comes the perfect time to write a new chapter for yourself and your life.

So who will you BE and what will you choose this year?

If you find this question exciting and inspiring … a chance to dream big and choose boldly … go for it.

And if you find this question daunting and a bit scary … if it brings up concerns about what is the “right thing” to choose … consider this as a strategy … let it go!

Let go of the worry and the fear about getting it “right”, let go of the notion that there is a “right” way to BE or DO or HAVE. Get present in your body … breathe … and let yourself imagine who you choose to BE and what you choose to DO to HAVE what you choose to manifest. Then write it down, or draw a picture, or make a collage/vision board and let yourself go.

When you let go of worry you free yourself to create that which your heart desires. When you source your dreams from love rather than fear you connect with the universal energy of creation and harness the power of the whole universe to support you Being, Doing and Having in ways that will delight you.

Fear constricts and diminishes … love expands and illuminates … and always the most profound choice you can make is to let go of fear and embrace love.

My context for 2016 is let it go … specifically letting go of my fearful, future focussed ego-mind chatter and staying present and connected with who I am choosing to be in each moment irrespective of what I am doing. I am choosing to accept, allow and appreciate whatever occurs – particularly when it is not what I expect! I choose to consciously participate in the whole of my reality as creator rather than victim and to remember that I always have a choice to hang on or let it go.

Unshakeable inner peace is my goal … and the best way I know to experience inner peace is to relentlessly let go and keep letting go internally of anything that is not peaceful.

Love Lorna

The day I understood everything,
was the day I stopped trying to figure everything out.
The day I knew peace was the day I let everything go.

C. JoyBell C.


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