BEING of Service

10 November 2015

I have just had the most delightful and surprising experience of BEING served … by a mobile locksmith.

My back door lock refused to budge … I turned the key and nothing. I started to feel a bit anxious … what will I do if I can’t get the door open? My fearful mind chatter went into overdrive … “I won’t be able to sleep tonight if I can’t get this door unlocked …” (Gotta love the relentless persistence of the fearful ego mind!)

So I searched my local paper to find a locksmith who handled emergencies.

Call #1:
Answering machine … scratchy, garbled message. I hung up.

Call #2:
A man answered and when I told him I needed someone today, he said “No way!”

Call #3:
“Good morning 🙂 … Mobilisation Locksmiths … how can I help you?”

I could hear and feel the smile in his voice and his genuine desire to help me. After explaining my situation, Blake said he could be at my home within 20 minutes, was that suitable for me? Yes indeed!

Blake arrived within 15 minutes and as I opened the door I was struck by his energy … he was fully present, smiling, hand held out to shake mine. When I led him into my dining room (where I was running a mentoring day for a group of three), he smiled and introduced himself and shook hands. Wow, I was already impressed with this young man and he hadn’t DONE anything … yet.

He got down to business and within 30 minutes had removed the lock, replaced a part, serviced it, restored the mechanism to full, smooth functionality and he also fixed one of the keys which was bent. I happily paid him and he left, thanking me for calling him.

What a joy to BE served by someone who gets the value of BEING present and open and willing to do what it takes. And he was. The whole experience left me and my group of three smiling and talking about his energy, his presence and his willingness to be of service … referenced at various times throughout our whole day.

As a result, I want to tell everyone about him and his service:
So Blake Cole of this is for you.

Love Lorna

Our own self-realisation is the greatest service
we can render the world

Ramana Maharshi


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