Feeling Stuck

27 September 2011

If you are feeling stuck – irrespective of your situation, circumstances or environment – the key to getting unstuck is inside you.

Feeling stuck is just that – a feeling, not the truth about anything other than the feeling of being stuck.

The truth is, you are never really stuck … you just feel like you are.

And herein lies the quintessential secret to inner peace and happiness … you are the one who chooses what you are feeling, what you are thinking and what you are doing as a result of all that thinking and feeling. When you are feeling stuck and you agree with the feeling, you then experience your reality as being stuck. And on it goes … thinking what you are feeling is the truth, gathering evidence to support your truth and then feeling more stuck than ever!

How to get unstuck? Simple – and as with most of life’s twists and turns … not so easy at first.

As with most things the first step is to stop … take a breath and BE where you are … remember who you are: magnificent, powerful, lovable, valuable being … feel what you are feeling and observe yourself in your process … keep breathing and allowing yourself the BE where you are, observe your thoughts … observe your feelings and let the energy move through you … keep breathing until you feel a shift in your energy …

Then ask yourself: “What’s really going on?” “What do I need to know?” and simply sit and wait for whatever comes to you. Whatever it is, it will show you the way back to love and peace and joy.

Love Lorna

I am only ever stuck when I decide I am and choose to be and I can get unstuck simply by choosing to BE


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