Being Yourself

6 December 2016

Being yourself is not about doing anything in particular.

It’s about who you choose to BE and how you choose to show up while you do whatever you choose to do.

It starts with the awareness and acceptance that who you are is powerful, loveable and valuable … because you are. Not because you did or did not do something but because you are loveable and powerful and truly okay being you.

And then it’s about accepting how you show up, how you are perceived and received by others and choosing whether to keep showing up that way or make some changes.

Being yourself is about wholeheartedly embracing the paradigm of yourself as cause … that who you are is able to choose and respond and create and manifest whatever you believe you can.

It means being willing to experience the whole of your own reality from the context of being source rather than just from the product point who feels and thinks and reacts. By letting go of valuing yourself solely for what you do and your judgements about how well or badly you do things, you free yourself to value BEING yourself no matter what you do.

It’s about owning yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, your choices and all the consequences and taking responsibility for the whole of who you are not just the bits you judge as ok but the whole.

Being yourself is the most liberating choice you will ever make and it’s not for the faint-hearted … it requires rigour and discipline to stay sourced in love when the fearful ego mind comes calling … and when you truly accept yourself, being yourself comes easy.

Love Lorna

You are you. Now isn’t that pleasant?

Dr Seuss


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