27 October 2009

The value of Being cannot really be explained in words or pictures or models or stuff…the value of Being can only be known at a deeper level of self – an expanded consciousness beyond your usual jangly-blah day-to-day awareness. And in this ever quickening global village we live in it often seems like a tough choice to take the time to simply BE when there is always so much to do.

Yet being overwhelmed with doing, doing, doing takes its toll on your health and wellbeing – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Stress, worry and anxiety are very much at home in a doing-focussed, list-making mindset while peace, calm and joy reside somewhere else: Beyond the realm of doing into the domain of being fully who you are while you do whatever you do. Choosing to BE the most magnificent you that you can imagine while you do whatever you are doing. Choosing to be happy and peace-filled and joyful no matter what you are doing or not doing.

It’s a simple flip of an old paradigm of fear and resistance into a new paradigm of love and acceptance. At the very heart, all it really takes is a choice to BE conscious of who you really are – to accept that you are beautiful, lovable, valuable, powerful and unlimited – and to live in each moment from a ground of BEING that is not circumstance or situation dependant, but rather a conscious choice to be the most loving you that you can be no matter what is going on.

If you want to experience peace, joy and fulfilment focus on being who you choose to be, then do what you choose to do from love and you will have what you choose.

Love Lorna

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.



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