So You Think You’ve Got It Handled

5 May 2015

Such a tantalising delusion!

So much heartache spared, so much fuss and aggro side-stepped, so much feeling not needing to ever be felt again … that’s the intoxicating myth of the notion: “I’ve got it handled”.

Every time you think: “I’ve got it handled” or “I’ve dealt with that issue/person/thought or thing” notice what happens … it always, always, always comes back … oft in a different disguise, yet those unacknowledged feelings still lurking within will be unleashed … again!

You see the process of becoming you is never done … never complete, never finished. No matter how hard you try to handle every “issue” that occurs, you will not (and can not) stop experiencing yourself in all of your full blown, messy, unpredictable, emotionally rich and viscerally dense humanness.

This is the human journey, the gig of being human is never-ending as long as you are in this body – in this polarised, paradoxical world we share. The choice to BE who you are is a process that is infinite, eternal and unrelenting. The notion that you can be “done” is just another example of the insidious fearful thinking emanating from the ego mind … not based in truth or love and certainly not achievable.

So what do you do now?

Relax … breathe … and remember the ultimate purpose of being human is to BE the most magnificent you that you can imagine moment by moment by moment. It is a process of BEING here now and doing whatever you choose to do, knowing that who you are is the source of all that you experience and you get to choose what happens next.

Life is not about handling anything really, it’s about experiencing all of it so you can choose who you want to be and what you really want without condemning that which you do not choose.

Love Lorna

The process of becoming human is never complete and never finished.

Robert Fisher


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