Love Is The Energy Of Creation

29 August 2017

Who you are is Love.

Love is the energy of creation so it follows that you are the energy of creation … And you are the created and the creation too.

Now this might sound confusing or difficult or too hard or whatever …

It’s not.

It’s very simple … and that’s one of the reasons you have so much trouble processing this or accepting it … because it IS simple.

Simply this: You create the whole of your own reality. You are the one who gets to choose how to express the energy of love that you are. You are the one who gets to decide what you will focus on, believe in and thus manifest as your reality.

And the kicker is … you are not 100% conscious of creating the whole of your own reality. You just get to experience the whole once it’s been chosen … by you.

When you accept and appreciate that the whole of your own reality is your choice, your creation, then you can respond to the whole of your reality and the whole of you with love.

The more you allow yourself to BE LOVE, the more you will DO loving actions and behaviours and thus you will experience that you are indeed, the energy of creation … LOVE.

Love Lorna


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