When Fear Is The Context

26 September 2017

What happens when fear is the dominant and pervasive context?

Well, all you have to do to get this is look at what is occurring in the world today.

From politics to social justice, from health to education … when fear is the filter that informs how we live, we get to live in fear.

Fear contracts, constricts, shuts down and stifles who we are and this is showing up more and more in my local community and on the world stage.

Right now in Australia, we are embroiled in a very nasty fear fuelled debate about same-sex marriage. Both sides of the debate have valid reasons for their position yet both sides are hell-bent on proving that their side is right and the other is wrong. The downright lies and misinformation being spouted are staggering. No surprise really when fear is the context.

The more people I talk to the more I see that we are showing signs of fear fatigue … and this is where we can BE the change we want to see.

Change always starts with self … who am I BEING in relationship to the pervasive fear-filled paradigm? Am I agreeing with it or am I choosing to respond to my own fearful thinking and feeling from love? Am I willing to take a stand for LOVE even though fear as a context is so insidious?

As always, it’s up to me and always I get to choose the context I operate from.

And I choose LOVE.

Love Lorna


  1. Claire Stretch

    Very timely Lorna. I’ve never felt as much fear in the community both in Australia and in the world community as now. It’s more than ever critical that we remember to operate from love – from loving kindness. Thank you for the reminder gorgeous woman.

  2. lina

    thank you Lorna, for your wonderful words. LOVE is the key.


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